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makes every moment shine.

One-Click AI Editing

Smart Tracking

smoothly controlled

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilization

 Ultra-Wide Angle

 Ultra-Wide Angle

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No matter how you move or just stands still it easily locking on you in shot. 

FOV 116° Lens.png

FOV 116° Lens make more possibilities

116° super wide angle AI editor create movie in 30s

5X Zoom.png

Expecting more details?Then zooming in will give you a closer look at objects or zooming out will let you capture a wider space.

3-Axis gimbal stabilizer.png

3-Axis gimbal stabilizer enhances stability making the

screen much clearer.

Say goodbye to phone shaking and make videos in your own way.

Multiple Shooting Mode.png

Brings you an incredible shooting experience


Timelapse lets you travel through time

With timelapse mode, you can record the moving clouds, sunrise or sunset. It makes the ordinary scenery more vivid and interesting.


Motionlapse adds smooth camera movement

The motionlapse effect is fantastic.

It allows you to set multiple points of movement.

8X Slow Motion.png

Timelapse lets you travel through time

Capture 1 Slow Motion is 8 times slower than real time, it helps you capture high-speed moving and makes it stay longer.

30s Long  Eposure.png

Moments captured with a long exposure are stunning have an ethereal quality

One-click AI Editing.png

90FUN APP with 1000+ tags for real-time video content analysis and  50+ templets helps you to make movie by one-click.

Instant Sharing.png

You can export videos into mobile devices by connecting with

90FUN Capture 1 wirelessly. Instantly share the videos on your social media account without waiting.   

Accessories display.png
Multiple ways to play.png

Shooting with single hand or fasten the Capture 1 on the backpacks bicycles motorcycles or even a car every beautiful moment deserve to be recorded.

Selection of Memory Card .png

Insert a micro SD card to ensure the writing speed is more stable it comes with three different capacity of 32GB 64GB and 128GB.

USB 3.0 super speed port.png

4 times faster than WiFi transfer rate

Preview in HD | Smooth Screen | Easy Operation | Plug and Play

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 Small & Light Body.png

90FUN Capture 1 is a tiny Camera with net weight of only 136g. Search your pocket  find the magic tool to make your daily filmmaking smartly and easily.

90FUN update on

the phone

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download_画板 1.png
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